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Jake Nitsche CHC 2012-2013

Jake came to CHC in 2012 till 2013. He was an eager to learn player with a will to win.  Jake played at St. Pats HS in Chicago, He left his HS to play for the Wisconsin Rapids Jr River Kings. Jake was then promoted by his coach there to the NAHL's Amarillo Bulls team where he played 2 seasons there.

Jake is now playing for Marian University in Wisconsin, a Div 3 NCAA college in the NCHA Conerence,

Kyle Stevens 2013-2014

Kyle is currently playing Minor Pro hockey with the Danville Dashers in the FHL. Kyle came to CHC as a Junior from Bellingham HS, Ma. Kyle lead the CHC team with 87 points in 18 games in 2013

This is what his father wrote to us:


From: fred stevens ‪<stevensfj@live.com>

Date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 9:49 AM

Subject: Re: CHC TIER 2 Rosters championship game

To: george maris <gmchchockey@gmail.com>

Congratulations George ,

A great season for both teams.

My heart felt thanks for all you've done in helping and developing Kyle's skills.

You have a fantastic and impressive coaching style and your knowledge of the game is uncomparable.

Sorry I missed so many late season games but duty called. Talked to Kyle into the wee hours about the game and shortly begins his Express career .

Wish you coached Jr's !

Congrats again, you deserve all the accolades .


Sent from my iPhone

Peter Stylos 2017

Peter is a LAX player. He decided to take up goal tending his Jr year in High School. He wasn't very good but he had 2 things that impressed me. WILL and CHARACTER ! ! !

This is what his father wrote


My son Peter had just taken up hockey. He chose to pick the most difficult position to play, goalie. He signed up to play for a league that had players a many skill levels combined on a loosely coached team. At the end of a tough game for Peter, Mr. Maris , an opposing coach , made it a point to speak with me and my son for over an hour after the game even though he had a long ride home . He offered a great deal of encouragement to my son. During this conversation many parents and players stopped to speak with him. The genuine show of affection towards Mr. Maris was impactful on me . I could tell in that first encounter that this was a man who loved hockey but loved to help develop character in young people even more. 

Several weeks later, Mr. Maris heard through another opposing coach in the league my son was in , that my son was struggling mightily. He was not getting any help from the coaching staff of his Bataan team . The coach relayed to Mr. Maris that my son's coach actually pulled him for the entire last period of a game and played with an empty net! My son was devastated and embarrassed. He received no encouragement after the game from either the coaches or his "so called teammates." His enthusiasm afterwards to go to practices or future games was significantly affected .It hurt me deeply to see my son go through this, seemly alone, from people that should have been helping him improve. 

A short while later, I received a call from Mr. Maris who said that he had heard what had happened and it made his heart sink. Mr. Maris offered my son a chance to play on a spring CHC club that was at his skill level to develop his game and earn ice time. He also assured me that he , the other coaches and the players that my son would play with , would work with him, support him and more importantly respected him as a person regardless of whatever athletic skill he was at. Mr. Maris was true to his word. 

My son happily traveled a minimum of one hour for CHC practices and games. He always looked forward to going and felt he was getting a lot out of the experience both athletically and socially. Mr. Maris , his coaches and my son's teammates helped improved his skill and increased his friends ! CHC was there my son at a time that he needed mentors outside of his family. 

As a parent, I was impressed in the level of communication of CHC. I always felt very well informed and impressed that  these young players were expected to act as adults in confirming, not their parents , their participation in practices and acknowledging schedule changes - all excellent lessons for a young person.  I also loved reading all the postings of successes and seeing many photos of the players from other tier teams in CHC family. As a parent this showed me that CHC is more than a hockey program , it's a community!!! 


I feel confident in FULLY AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDING CHC for any level
player not only for developing hockey skills but more importantly developing life skills !!! 

"You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" Dr. Louis Stylos

Matthew Vanasse 2017

August 16, 2017
My  son Matthew has been playing hockey for 9 years. He has always been  driven to be a successful player, however, his drive has never been  matched by a coach. That all changed this year when Matthew met George  Maris. Matthew had interest in playing on the CHC hockey team, but  George was honest and informed Matt that he may not be ready to compete.  With that being said, George offered Matt an opportunity to practice  with the team.
As  Matt started to attend practices, George began to accent his strengths  and develop his weaknesses. He provided Matt with drills to help him on  and off the ice. Matt immediately gravitated to George's style and began  to believe in himself as a hockey player. Prior to this connection,  Matt was quite reserved and never communicated much with his coaches.  However, that has changed as Matt participated all summer in the CHC  games and looks forward to a Fall season. Matt loves that George pushed  him to be the best. Not only is Matt developing into a solid hockey  player. but George has helped mold him into a fine young man. For that  we are truly grateful.
Thanks in advance

Dennis Vanasse


Devin Ridgeway 2015 to 2017

Devin has played the last 3 years for the CHC hockey organization and is now playing for Franklin HS MA.  

This is what his father wrote:


The Ridgeways

August 28 2015

Hi George,

Hope all is well. 

First, I wanted to thank you for giving Devin a chance to play on your team. As I said before he really enjoyed playing under your tutelage. Having just two seasons of hockey experience he improved as the season went on and that’s a tribute to you and your staff. Playing with and against stiffer competition really helped with his development and equally important, his confidence. He also benefitted from your reinforcement of team work and dedication to the game.

All in all it was an awesome experience for our whole family. We have just begun practicing with the Franklin team and already see a benefit from this summer’s experience. 

Thank you for taking Devin under your wing. I am hoping you will keep in touch and that we will get another opportunity to play with you next summer!


Larry Ridgeway

Brett Gosselin 2013-2016

I met Brett and his parents at one of our local arenas. I saw Brett play and went and asked his father if he would have Brett play for our CHC team. He said "we are willing to try anything at this point because we are fed up with the politics in youth hockey". 

Brett played 3 season with us and this is what his father wrote back in 2013.


From: Gosselin, Brian ‪<gosselb@amgen.com>

Date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 9:11 AM

Subject: RE: Canadian Hockey Club Tier 2 update

To: george maris <gmchchockey@gmail.com

Hi George,

Congratulations to you as well!! 

Accomplishments are a direct reflection of their Leaders! Fantastic  display of Sportsmanship and achieving the ultimate goal. 

I must say as this being our first year with the organization, what a fantastic/tremendous experience.  Not only have I seen growth in Brett but he enjoyed this season with you and the team more than ever; he is already looking forward to next year.

Thank you again George for all your hard work, dedication and inspiring these young athletes!

Best wishes to all on a terrific school year! See you next year.